It’s ok-Time for a trip down memory lane…..



So comforting

So today I got some old pokemon that I traded to my sister some odd years ago-during the trades I could all but think about the hours I spend playing each pokemon titles and genuinely having a blast, back then all I had to worry about was getting to the next gym leader and catching the games legendary pokemon so I could brag about it the next day to my friends at school.

Nowadays the older you are the more you have to lie about playing games like Pokemon, or Mario today it’s all about how many times you prestiged  in Black Ops or if you unlocked the latest Armor piece in Reach. Not that these games aren’t fun, they are but to me,the time I spent playing those kind of games couldn’t compare to how it felt to rush home after school to play Pokemon Yellow,sitting by my bedroom window,using the warm sunlight to help me view the game on the tiny un-backlit screen of my gameboy color. To me THOSE were the days of great gaming…..


That’s all for the tonight!!


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2 Responses to “It’s ok-Time for a trip down memory lane…..”

  1. Guardian Hero Says:

    I would be more embarassed about playing a game like Halo or Uncharted, than playing Pokémon or Mario. In my community, you lose credibility for even mentioning Halo. You’re labelled a frag-doll or a bro-core, someone who poses as a gamer but still tries to be ‘cool.’ Gamers are the people who throw that kind of ‘cool’ to the curb and can proudly display a Pokéwalker on their belt or quote the Super Mario Bros. Super Show.

  2. nugundam0079 Says:

    That’s Interesting-I usually tend to play all sorts of games there are very few that I dislike…(Paperboy). But Gaming has been split into two sides in my mind. The first side is those who pretend to like gaming,but really spend time bashing someone else’s games of choice. The second side would be those who are the opposite and tend to enjoy Video Games in general.

    I also walked around with a pokewalker for awhile-good times.

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