So I started my first week of work–and beating Final Fantasy becomes just a Dream


Warrior of light (Work) suplexing Garland (Me)

Was pretty straight-forward, as any newcomer is concerned I had some rough patches but that’s to be expected. I didn’t really get to play anygames except the Resident Evil:Revalations Demo.

Oh anyway for some reason I’ve been having random urges to play the most random games. First it was Phantasy Star Portable 2, then Kingdom Hearts:Birth By Sleep even Pokemans-A week before this I was trying to tank through the original Metal Gear on the MSX and just today I was play Ys:The Oath in Felghana.

Ok Ok so I’m rambling quite a bit, I think I’ve abandoned my quest to finish a numbered Final Fantasy game….I mean with this new job (which will have me traveling all over) I wont be able to sit down and dedicate a sufficient amount time to beating any of them. I mean yea I have Several FF’s on Handhelds but it’s the same problem. (Plus I don’t want to pop out my DS or PSP in the office with my co-worker looking right over my shoulder). Maybe I’ll try Finishing Ys or Dragon Quest IX…..


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