Alright-I’ve got a confession to make-I’m a Star Wars freak, I love everything that has to do with that Galaxy Far Far Away-I quote lines from the movies I’ve even dressed up as a Jedi a couple of times. As a gamer there is no better way to experience that Galaxy than playing videogames based on it.

I mean growing up in the mid 90’s I got to play awesome games like the Super Star Wars Snes titles, Shadows of the Empire, Rogue Squadron and even Jedi Outcast(early 2000) but now a-days i’m stuck with titles that only deal with every prequelly, Old republic etc I’m tired of it! Bring back Xwing vs Tie Fighter! Let me play as Dash Rendar again! heck so much has progressed ABY (After the Battle of Yavin) that there is enough material to use for tons of games of everytype!!! GRRRRR!!!!




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