Late Response from the last outpost-Just DEAL with it


So I just moved into my new pad-Most Excellent-what’s not so excellent is not having a bed and having to sleep on some cushions (though thy’re actually really comfortable). I’m kinda sorry about missing this last weekends post-I’ve been super busy, but like I said i’m KINDA sorry. I wont be getting interbutts till this coming Saturday so my updates will kinda be slow. Anyways today a person  I used to work with gave me this awesome gem he found at a garage sale BEHOLD

I was soooo happy when I got this, it was literally just this morning a friend of mine was making a post about Old Star Wars Games.


Anyway the other night I picked up Earth Defense Force:Insect Armageddon for my 360, didnt get too into it cause I had just come back from the movies…I’ll get you the details later


Peace for now!


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