Black John Connor makes a post from the New HeadQuarters…



Basically my weekend in a nutshell

“That’s right, I’m back on the grid in fact i’m so back that you might as well call me Neo-ug not really, Keanu Reeves sucks as an actor and I want nothing to do with him whatsoever.Anyway this past weekend consisted of drinking and keeping myself presentable in the public eye (LOOOOL).

Since my Friday and Saturday were shot in terms of pure gaming I spent this past Sunday playing some classic Halo and Halo 3.The one thing I must tell you,dear reader, is that I used to hate first person shooters such as the aforementioned Halo with a passion, I mean a REAL burning passion and look at me now.. a realll hypocrite, but whatever that’s my gaming cross to bare and not yours dear reader.




Only two of those are related-I spent some time today watching “Andromeda” an old sci fi show that used to come to the CW when it was called the “WB”-Whatever it’s a terrible show and only serves to reaffirm that Kevin Sorbo,though handsome, will forever be Hercules and nothing more.OH and before I forget I managed to squeeze in some Evangelion-yikes-


"Made in Taiwan"

I recently read that the guy that worked on Grandia,Takeshi miyaji passed away-in his honor I purchased Grandia off the Playstation Network-I’ve heard nothing but good things about the 1st Grandia so this should be worth the $9.99 I threw down on PSN.

-Words of Wisodom for the week

“Do or Do Not There Is No Try”-Master Yoda

Alright that’s it for now readers! I hopefully catch ya starside!!!!

-Love, TheRedComet



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