Black Anakin Skywalker doesn’t think car Crashes are as fun as Mario Kart makes them look—


Especially if it’s not a Blue Shell that hits you-

Car Crashes are not like PodRacing

Yup,  I was in my first ever car accident this past Friday-I was the passenger, so technically it was Mario Kart:Double Dash if anything, anyway it was really fucking bad.  Long story short I ended up having to pull my friend from the wreck and trying to keep calm while I waited for the EMT to get to our location. Over all Mario Kart is a lie , impacts like that will fuck up your whole weekend and make you feel like you’ve been playing the live action version of Mike Tyson’s Punch Out…only that you’re one getting beaten down.

Got my hands on Catherine-enjoyed it—

Yea! I picked a copy of Catherine for my 360, i’ve only had a chance to play it once and only for like an hour or so but from what little I played I totally dug what little I experienced of it. I guess at some point when I’m not writhing in pain, i’ll sit down and go at it hard core.

Tuesday marks the start of the Revolution

Some how I got suckerd into pre-ordering Dues Ex:Human Revolution-I don’t know why, It wasn’t like I liked the first game-anyways I’ve beem getting really excited since everything I’ve read online about the game seems to scream “EXCELLENT GAME” so I dunno I’m looking forward to it.


-One Day-

This weeks winner is—-

There you have it-The one game I popped in back in 2010 and never finished but I really want to is Final Fantasy XIII   Sigh

Anyways that’s it for now readers! I’ll see you next week!


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