Black Micheal Scott Survives Irene-Finds someone who can actually stand him.


AN Update..Sorta 

Black Micheal Scott

So Irene was kinda interesting(umm not really,she was a total bitch) but on another front I’ve been lucky enough to find a woman who can actually stand the weird anomaly which is me. Yup,That’s right dear readers, The Ninetofivegamer is in a relationship. Now I know you must be like “Oh noes..if you have a woman how will keep up with your gaming?and will you be able to update us with your antics?!”-Dear reader…”Chuckles” have no fear, your’s truly will never truly abandon you,so no worries so don’t worry your pretty little head off.

Dues Ex is turning out to be an interesting experience so far but ironically I’ve been playing Street Fighter: 3rd Strike the most out of all of my current games. Being someone that’s basically intermediate at fighting games (Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom is my arena) Street Fighter:3rd Strike is turning out to be quite the experience. Despite the constant whippings I’ve been dealt,I still find myself coming back for more and more.BTW my main is Chun Li-so suck it.

No money November

-No Money-

Welp the end of the year is upon us and so is a slew of major video games-I’ve compiled a list of titles that I will be purchasing…(If you think I should keep my eye out for any other titles let me know please!) I hope I’ll have enough money for rent.

Ace Combat Assualt Horizon-october 11-Day one
Battlefield 3-October 25
Uncharted 3-November 1--
Legend of Zelda November 20-
Gundam Extreme Vs--(Japan only)

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