Black Marty Mcfly makes a smooth return



Hey guys! it’s been sometime since I’ve last posted. That was mostly my fault-but I wasn’t like I was being totally lazy-So let me fill you dear reader on some excellent news! I’ve been off working on an article for a new UK based retro gaming magazine!

The magazine (in it’s digital form for now) is now up for download!! It’s totally worth checking out, of course not just for my fabulous article (starts on page 34) but for the fact that this magazine has takes an interesting look at everyone’s favorite console, The NES! This is a purely retro mag so don’t expect anything pertaining to gaming as we know it today.

If any of you are interested in taking gander check out the page for the magazine Download it HERE. It’s 1.99 euro’s which converts to $2.65. Help us out and buy a online copy!

Also Check out this sweet video put together by a totally different group about the Magazine .

In other news my life has been pretty hectic work,school,love-life-But I’ll still fill you in on the games I’m currently playing on the Side when I’m not being stomped on by life

Gears of War 3-Not really playing for the story but more for the ass kicking Ive been unloading online. If you feel like you can face me add The Red Comet87 on Xbox live.

Ico+Shadow Of the Colossus Collection-I’ve beaten SOTC countless times but Ico I’ve only had the chance to play once, so this was a must buy for me.

Dark Souls-Demon Souls beat my ass so badly that I literally lost my min due to the rage it induced. Well I’m a Glutton for Punishment.Dark Souls is out an I’m totally Loving it. I picked up the PS3 version so hopefully I’ll run into you sonybros online.


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