Phantasy Star Online 2:Character Creation and Benchmark tool-



I’m a huge fan of Phantasy Star and all games under that banner, A friend of mine recently turned me on to a PC benchmark released in Japan for the PC version of PSO2. Basically the benchmark runs a small portion of the games visuals and tests if your rig is able to handle it or not.

Basically all it was were three characters running through a city besieged by some kind of enemy, there were explosions and fancy shit flying all over the place with more fancy music. Blah Blah if you’re a PC gamer you already know what a benchmark is. Anyway the real meat and potatoes was the character section.

Basically here you put together your potential in game character, customizing everything from clothes,Hair length,mouth width ETC.Even stuff like how bulky your characters arms can be! It seemed to me that the Japanese were finally taking cues from there western counterparts instead of the generic character creation that was in Phantasy Star Portable to or even Monster Hunter.


^ Here you can see that you can adjust the mouth of the..subject…


And can adjust clothes…Ok It’s basically like playing dress-up with a cyberdoll..GEEZ!

any it’s loads of fun and a nice little tidbit to hold us over till the released of the game later on this year.



Btw–Here’s the like to the Dressu-er-Character Creator/Benchmark tool


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