Quick blurb on Lollipop Chainsaw-Pro/con/Pro

Pro-The characters stages and combat are all fun, I love the dialogue and it’s all very tongue in cheek. There are parts that made me grin and parts that made me laugh right the fuck out loud
Con-The camera at times gets a little wonky, until you learn to chain pom pom attacks into chainsaw ones Juliet can feel a little sluggish,though I feel that people who only mashed the chainsaw button would only have a problem with this
Pro-The music and Atmosphere never felt dull to me at any one moment it all fit together I still can’t believe “Hey Mickey” plays when you go into Juliet’s super mode
and random songs like “Empire state human” and “Pac man fever” playing during the arcade stage make me smile since it was so unexpected
Con-Lack of enemy variety, though chopping up zombies never once got boring since there was a variety of zombies to fight, I would have still loved to see other enemy monsters show up-in game she mentions she’s fought vampires and Yeti’s so that would have been nice to see in game.
and there you have it!

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