Never Ending Backlog


A shit ton of games and gaming accessories have come out in the last few weeks-it’s a Videogames enthusiast it at times feels overwhelming to try and keep up with the latest  trendy games-I mean in the past two months alone…

Ass Creed 3(360, why? cause AMURRICA)

Halo 4( went this route because Black ops is OK but it doesn’t take a whole lot of skills to play)

Code of Princess(3DS-Beat em up spiritual successor to Guardian Heroes)

Dead or Alive 5(Fighting, 360)

Persona 4:Golden (Why? uh….I DO have the PS2 version but…Japanese Scooby do on the go? sign me the hell up!)

Playstation All Stars(Vita AND PS3 -Why? Cause…….for the hell of it I guess)

A Wii-U with ZombieU (Why? Cause…..fuck it I wanted a Wii-U)

Pokemans Black 2-(Why?….well hell I like pokemans and since a few of my adult friends are playing I thought it would be fun to join them!)

There are also various import titles for my PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 that I’ve recently acquired as well as PC games too…that I’ll go into detail in another post.

What’s super Ironic is that with all these titles, I have so very little time to play them at all! so they’re basically just collecting all sorts of dust.

(On top of that my 360 recently red ringed so there’s THAT problem as well)





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