The Midnight Release. Then and Now and probably forever…


Last year I attended a midnight release party for Halo was at that point I decided to never attend another midnight launch for any game title ever. “I’m getting too old for this shit” is what I muttered to myself as I wearily drove myself back home to my bed to get what little rest I could before work the following day. I mean really I wasn’t there to cover or write about it..just pick up my game and go. Alternatively I could have simply waited till the next day to pick up my copy during one of my work breaks..but what would that make me? No! I had to be there at exactly midnight to pick up Master Chiefs latest adventure….


Two hours from midnight and I’m sagging into the couch in the lounge area in a “TGI Friday’s” off of Route 17..tired and weary and surrounded by people who were much younger than myself ,I questioned my own logic “Did I really need to pick this game up at midnight?”.

The midnight release party has always  been apart of the industry for as long I can personally remember. I’ve been to more midnight releases than I’d care to list. All of them had been for a AAA title of some sort and nearly none for niche titles..which is to be expected since niche titles most likely won’t draw the same type of crowds a AAA title would.

The differences between the launch crowds involved in midnight release is where things get interesting..for the first Black Ops midnight release from what I remember, was outdoors in a parking lot and the lot was filled with literally a hundred or so people ranging from all ages and sexes.

A few years before that, I attended a midnight launch for Final Fantasy XIII and it was a far smaller engagement with far fewer people. This dichotomy in launches is indicative of what genres have taken over the American gamersphere and which are “in”. The yearly releases of Call of Duty have shown no fatigue on the gamer conciseness and continually draw what is probably the largest fanbase to date.

Now you maybe wondering why I’m going on and on about midnight launches..why that’s because I’ll be attending the midnight release for Bioshock:Infinite. Personally I’ve never been into Bioshock, the closest I’ve gotten to getting into the series was my short stint in playing the spiritual successor “system shock”.

My knowledge of the series is limited as well as my interactions with the fan base which is mostly why I decided to attended the launch. Though this is more like a safari to me..A chance to sample a bit of the culture which is the Bioshock fandom.

So as I ready myself to brave the foul weather and drive down Route 17 to wait with the masses for the release of a much-anticipated game, I can’t help but  think about my past experiences with midnight launches and how this one will compare and if I’ll finally “Get too old for this shit!”


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