Makin my way back to you!(The reader!)



So I haven’t posted in forever, sue me. Anyway I’m back after months of non-stop bullshitting. You fools see those new consoles that are out? your boy is over here scheming to find ways to get himself one…pimping isn’t easy.

On a serious note I’m glad to be back. I still follow the industry and will be taking more of an active role of getting myself out there and becoming a well known source of videogame tomfoolery.

No doubt many of you who will be reading this are probably from my facebook group,great what I intend to do with this blog? probably make it a more “officical” space for thoughts and musings about the industry and why it currently sucks(or doesn’t suck depending on the given day)

Stick with me kiddos, we’re going to have a blast!




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One Response to “Makin my way back to you!(The reader!)”

  1. deez nutz Says:

    Tsunami pls

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