9-2-5 Confessional: The Price of Retro Gaming


Yea-So It’s getting kind of ridiculously pricey trying to collect classic video games. It’s almost not even worth it at this point.

With crazy prices for pretty lame games from the mid 90’s I don’t even know what the point of collecting them is anymore…not with those price tags!


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One Response to “9-2-5 Confessional: The Price of Retro Gaming”

  1. veryverygaming Says:

    As someone just getting into Sega Saturn, I think it’s totally stupidly ridiculous, some of the prices. What’s worse is that the only reason those games cost so much is because some insane people are willing to pay that much for them. That’s why I hate collectors. I just want to play the games, who gives a shit if there’s a spine card or not. Anyone who buys games at high prices is letting sellers get away with those prices, and making it acceptable. I have an unofficial £25 limit, per game (retro game that is) that I don’t think I’ve gone over. It’s not even intentional or conscious, but I guess that’s how much I think old games are worth.

    Also, I would prefer not to emulate, simply because I want to play games on my TV with a controller, but there is no way I would ever give up hundreds of pounds just to play a legit copy of Radiant Silvergun, Panzer Dragoon Saga etc.

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