Wishing the best for Star Wars:Battlefront



How amazing would Star Wars Battlefront be if it was done with same quality and care that the Battlefield games received?

I’m sure this has crossed many a star wars battlefront player’s mind “What if these games received the same sort of attention that Dice gave Battlefield”


As a long time star wars fan you would think that the Star Wars: Battlefront and I would go together like peanut butter and jelly. That I would revel in the chance to play through the ground battle of Hoth or take to the fight TO the Empire on Endor. I really thought I would too. Battlefront and I have a love/hate relationship with each other. I love it simply because it’s “Star Wars” I mean I’ve been a lifelong fan of the movies and any game that gives me the chance to play out fantasies in a galaxy far far away are always on my radar.

But the thing about Battlefront is not the presentation but the build…they never felt.. Complete to me. The controls have always been a bit odd. The Shooting light and sketchy, I never felt the impact of using a blaster versus using an Assault rifle in Battlefield.

The maps…oh boy, the maps felt tiny and claustrophobic and sometimes large but mostly devoid of detail..  If you have recently played Battlefield 4 or even Battlefield 3 you would never feel that way. Crossing a large field always held a sense of danger…mortar rounds rip by over your head, tank rounds sizzle by your jeep as you hurry to the next objective.

I never got that same rush from Battlefront.  Another issue would be, what I felt to be, the shoddy vehicle controls especially of anything that happened to fly. In Battlefield 4 the vehicle controls are tight and the issues with choppers that you flew in Battlefield 3 are fine-tuned and taken care of (it’s fun doing combat drops in a copter now) on the Star Wars end I dreaded aerial combat (I HATED the space combat sections of Star Wars BattleFront 2 solely because of the disgustingly weird handling that the vehicles had) and those should be the most exciting parts of the Star Wars Battlefront games!


I don’t think all the Battlefront games are odd-I greatly enjoyed playing Renegade Squadron on the PlayStation portable was a fun romp (solely for the Han Solo side story) and to some degree I enjoyed Elite Squadron(After the novelty of being able to travel from the surface of a planet to the space battle above it wore off). Anyway the point of this post is that I’m just hoping that Dices’ next installment in the Battlefront series has a little more of its cousin in it than previous titles did. 


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