Forgotten Games- Zone of The Enders:The First of Mars


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I am a Zone Of The Enders fan-Let me start off with that. That said being a Zone of The Enders fan is nothing but endless suffereing as series creator, Hideo Kojima constantly fawns over Metal Gear his brainchild and most likely the series that has most lined his wallet with Yen. I can’t sit here and criticize the dude for only doing what he does best which is continuing to make a series of games based on one of the most confusing plots in entertainment history. But I digress- While Many fans of Z.O.E  1 & 2 are crossing their fingers for a third entry in the series I am pressed to point out that there technically IS a third Zone Of The Enders game.


Zone Of The Enders-The First of Mars for the Gameboy Advance back in 2002 was pretty different compared to it’s brothers on the Playstation…

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