Majora’s Mask is coming to the 3DS- Am I happy? no. Will I get it? Most likely.


sad kid

I have a serious love/hate relationship with The Legend of Zelda-Majora’s Mask. On one hand it’s a Zelda game, an expansive, one that too what was awesome in Ocarina of Time and expanded upon it. It took regular NPC’s and gave them side stories. I mean geez, I could play as a Goron or Zora (Fuck Deku SCRUBS, pathetic and very beta-ish if you ask me). Majora was a major leap forward, it had an amazing set up a set up that you could just leap into..but you know what ruined that set up?

That RIDICULOUS three day time limit. Nothing turns me off faster than knowing that I’m running under a clock.Yes, I know you can slow down the transition of time in game by playing around your ocarina, that’s “nice” but it still doesn’t change the fact that there’s a fire under my ass still. I get it, the moon is going to slam into the earth “Armageddon” style and you got only three days to stop the destruction of Termina. But Gods damn it, I still think having that three day limit is total bullshit.To me, Zelda has always been taking my time and exploring the world that was created for curious adventurers like myself. I simply cannot immerse myself in exploring that world when I know I have to watch a “clock” that isn’t fun and only served to stress me out as a kid.

I remember exactly when my dislike for Majora’s Mask solidified into palpable hatred. I had just got done slogging my way through the Great Bay Temple, as many fans of Zelda are accustomed to, Temples and dungeons are always full of traps and puzzles and all sorts of unpleasant things you would find in such places. Anyway I just slogged through a puzzle ridden dungeon and had reached the boss of the area, Wart. As the cutscene ended and the battle commenced I remember getting so carried away that I didn’t keep an eye on the “clock” located at the bottom of the screen. I didn’t realize that I had literally ran out of time until the ominous chiming of a clock boomed through the level. “Wuh WHAT?!” I yelled out in surprise, the room started shaking and all sorts of apocalyptic shit started happening on screen. “You’ve got to be flippin’ KIDDING ME!!” I screamed as I hurriedly tried to finish the boss fight I was in the middle of. But alas, like David Spade’s career it was pretty much futile and the game ended with the moon smashing into Clocktown signaling game over.

That’s when my contempt for Majora turned to hatred.

Garbage game

I’ve since gone back on several occasions,trying to amend my dislike for the black sheep of the franchise and each time I turned away with disgust. Now Nintendo is once again shoving Majora in my face and this time it’s portable..I think I’ll give it one more go.

I’ll probably still hate it.


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4 Responses to “Majora’s Mask is coming to the 3DS- Am I happy? no. Will I get it? Most likely.”

  1. MapleTaurus Says:

    You think it’s hatred, but actually it’s just a passionate reaction to the frantic enjoyment the time-limit provides, which you mistook as hatred. That situation you described. about the Great Bay, makes for a good story. Sure, you didn’t succeed, but this was better. Also, Deku Scrubs are awesome.

  2. Prof.mcstevie Says:

    Being under pressure to get things to done all the time is stressful, that is why you learn to slow the clock down with reverse song of time.

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