Star Wars is here to stay and here’s why.


Not too long ago,I posted an article on my personal facebook that was written by an obviously die hard Whovian stating ten reasons as to why Dr Who is superior to ‘Star Wars’. Throughout the article, the author goes on to list several inane reasons like “Dr. Who is more mature” “Dr Who has better aliens” “Dr Who has an overall message” etc. At one point the author even writes,

“Time has shown that Doctor Who is the franchise with staying power. Even with the upcoming trilogy of new Star Wars films due begin Star Wars mania all over again in December 2015, it isn’t hard to imagine SF fans in 2050 saying, “Star What? You mean that thing my grandparents watched? Excuse me, I’m trying to watch the latest series of Doctor Who.”

When I read that part of the author’s article, I couldn’t help but wince, It’s been 37 years since the initial release of the first film and there are still many more fans being introduced into the universe of ‘Star Wars’ with every generation. The statement is absolutely absurd and speaks volumes of the author and his assumption that ‘Star Wars‘ can simply “forgotten”. Star Wars isn’t ‘Lost in Space’, Star Wars isn’t ‘Seaquest: DSV’  and it’s certainly not ‘Andromeda’ unlike those, Star Wars is a force (pun intended) to be reckoned with.

I’ll use my own introduction to that story that happened long ago in a galaxy far far away.Back in 1997, I wasn’t into ‘Star Wars’ because I literally knew nothing about it. I just remembered there being a lot of talk and noise about the films coming back to theaters. In fact, I distinctly remember having a strong dislike for the films because it was ALL people were talking about. You couldn’t go anywhere without hearing about them. I recall my mother taking me out to our local shopping mall, we passed by a stand full of Star Wars figurines and starship models, I remember my mother turning to me and asking “Would you like any of these?” and my young ignorant self replying “No, I don’t like Star Wars’.

That all changed relatively quickly.

I was in middle school, the holidays were right around the corner and an embattled teacher decided to sooth her rowdy class by choosing a video for us to watch. There were two choices, either we could all watch ‘Barney the dinosaur’ or ‘The Empire Strikes Back’. With a thunderous roar, the kids in my class, including yours truly all shouted EMPIRE STRIKES BACK!(with a few dissenting grumbles from a few of the girls in the class who would have rather watched Barney.That day will always be ingrained in my memories because it was the day that my life changed forever.

From watching Rogue Squadron battle Imperial forces on Hoth to witnessing the ever amazing Han Solo maneuver the Millennium Falcon through an asteroid while avoiding Imperial Tie Fighters, I was glued to the screen. By the time Luke finally confronted Darth Vader on Cloud City and got his ass kicked by his own father, I was hooked. I had fallen in love, the adventure, the excitement, to this day I still remember the feeling of it all. The amazing score by John Williams, the tension between the characters and the introduction of Lando Calrissian. It was simply just amazing! I just could NOT get enough of that universe. So after watching The Empire Strikes Back I basically dove right in!

It’s been nearly 17 years since I first saw ‘The Empire Strikes’. 


Seventeen years of reading novels like Micheal Stackpole’s ‘Rogue Squadron’ series or braving The Thrawn Trilogy (Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, The Last Command), Seventeen years of listening to radio drama reenactments , seventeen years of collecting figures,starship models and Seventeen years of playing various video games that had events either happen behind,during or even in between the films, games such as ‘Shadows of The Empire‘ ‘Dark Forces‘ and ‘Rogue Squadron‘,  Hell, by the time I turned 25, I had already gotten my first ‘Star Wars’ related tattoo!Seventeen years, that’s a lot of devotion to a franchise that began and ended before I was even born.

With a series of new films and media on the horizon, the first of which being Episode VII ‘The Force Awakens’, For someone to simply write off ‘Star Wars’ as merely a fad that will fade away into obscurity (not unlike what had happened with Dr. Who when it was canceled in 1989 and nearly forgotten until the BBC revived the series), reveals that the individual simply doesn’t understand what that galaxy, far far away, means to the people who have loved and adored it for nearly three decades. I was inspired to write this post after watching the above commercial for the first time since 1997. It brought back memories of how I had originally started my journey as a fan and how I continue that journey till this day.

Comic-Con 2011 Held In San Diego

Be it through the Original trilogy, Prequel trilogy,video games, comics,TV shows or novels. Star Wars has clearly proven that is has the staying power to be around for many more generations and to create many more stories for fans of old, young and those yet to be born to enjoy. I’m hoping those of you that read this will be open to sharing your story and experiences with ‘Star Wars’. I’m looking forward to your comments! take care and May The Force Be With You…Always.



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