Goodbye Origa, you will be missed.


The singer known as ‘Origa’ best known for her music that has been featured in notable anime from ‘Ghost in the Shell‘ to ‘Turn ∀ Gundam ‘ passed away January 17th 2015. It’s very heart wrenching to hear this news because she has touched the hearts of so many Japanese anime fans around the globe.My introduction to the singer was through her magnificent vocals in ‘Inner Universe’ the theme to ‘Ghost in The Shell:Stand Alone Complex’ it pains me and so many others that she is no longer with us.


Ol’ga Vital’evna Yakovleva was born October 12, 1970 in Russia, passed away at the age of 44 after she lost her battle with lung cancer. she will be greatly missed by her many fans around the world.

Rest in Peace Ol’ga, may you continue to  sing in better worlds beyond our own.

Via AnimeNewsNetwork


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