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Frame Gride- A Forgotten Mecha Game for the Sega Dreamcast

August 3, 2014

Frame Gride

This is one of those random import games that I own that I never really hear people talk about.

Frame Gride (maybe they meant “Glide”) is an Armored Core like mecha game made for the Dreamcast It was like Armored core in the sense that you could customize your machine’s specs and weapons but it also had a more medieval fantasy touch to it.

Frame Gride had single, two player local and online multiplayer .Japanese dev , From Software released FG back in 2000 or so and it’s a damn shame that From, the creator of many mecha games like Armored Core, Another Century’s Episode and even Metal Wolf Chaos, pigeonholed themselves into making the Souls series instead of using their creative energy to create more unique takes on the mecha genre.


Check out gameplay footage HERE