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PS4 version of Dead or Alive 5: Last Round features more “realistic breasts”

February 20, 2015

I’ve been a long time fan of the Dead or Alive series, I started with 3 on the original X Box, dove head first into ‘Dimensions‘ on the Nintendo 3DS and happily threw down in DOA 5 on 360 and DOA 5 Plus on the PlayStation Vita (cue Amazing Grace).Hell, I even dabbled a little bit in the first ‘Extreme Beach Volleyball’ and I swear the Volleyball parts are actually why I played the game!.

When it came to the actual fighting  I’ve never been the best at it, I’ve tried to have as much fun as I could as someone who isn’t particularity good at fighting games. Being a fan of Dead or Alive also means I’m not stranger to some of the more “cringe” inducing elements of the series, from the scantily clad women to some of the characters looking seriously underage and…Zack.

One thing I’ve noticed is that each iteration at some point draws attention to the voluptuous forms of all the female characters, from the characters getting dirtier and sweaty during their fights to being able to manipulate the camera around them after they have won or lost(Granted that the same can be done with male characters). That stuff is really whatever to me and is something one can over look and not pay attention to. But what do you do when Sony posts up videos showing how a new software engine improves the movement of the women’s breasts?


That’s right, PlayStation Japan released a video showcasing the power of the “Soft Engine” that’s being used in the models for the PlayStation 4 version of Dead or Alive 5: Last Round. The engine makes the breast movement more  “realistic”in comparison the version of the game that’s available on the PlayStation 3.

See I could rant and rave about sexism and apparent misogyny and post up pictures of Anita Sarkeesian but you know what? this is exactly why I love the Japanese. As cringe worthy as this is, they really don’t give two shits about all the things that have become a firestorm of controversy in the Western gaming, they just keep making the games they want to make. Which I must applaud them for doing this despite the hostile atmosphere that’s become the new normal when dealing with the topic over sexualization of female characters in video games.  You can check out the video below, just make sure no one is around your cubicle or something unless you’re like me and just don’t care.

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round is out and available for several home consoles and PC. If you want to go a round or two on Live or PSN, drop me message with your PSN or Gamertag!


Brandish: The Dark Revenant, The last PSP game

January 13, 2015

So ‘Brandish:The Dark Revenant’ is out on the PlayStation network for 20 bones. Apparently this is the last release for the amazing PlayStation Portable handheld system that was discontinued back in 2012. Brandish is a dungeon crawling jrpg that was released on the PC-98 way back in the day that has now received a fresh coat of paint and translated to English by XSeed.

I’ve personally never heard of the series but I’m glad that XSeed decided to put this game out in 2015. The more JRPGs the better if you ask me, especially ones that the niche JRPG community that exists on the PSVITA,PSTV and the once great PlayStation Portable.


Phantasy Star Online 2:Character Creation and Benchmark tool-

April 6, 2012


I’m a huge fan of Phantasy Star and all games under that banner, A friend of mine recently turned me on to a PC benchmark released in Japan for the PC version of PSO2. Basically the benchmark runs a small portion of the games visuals and tests if your rig is able to handle it or not.

Basically all it was were three characters running through a city besieged by some kind of enemy, there were explosions and fancy shit flying all over the place with more fancy music. Blah Blah if you’re a PC gamer you already know what a benchmark is. Anyway the real meat and potatoes was the character section.

Basically here you put together your potential in game character, customizing everything from clothes,Hair length,mouth width ETC.Even stuff like how bulky your characters arms can be! It seemed to me that the Japanese were finally taking cues from there western counterparts instead of the generic character creation that was in Phantasy Star Portable to or even Monster Hunter.


^ Here you can see that you can adjust the mouth of the..subject…


And can adjust clothes…Ok It’s basically like playing dress-up with a cyberdoll..GEEZ!

any it’s loads of fun and a nice little tidbit to hold us over till the released of the game later on this year.



Btw–Here’s the like to the Dressu-er-Character Creator/Benchmark tool